Calf Stretch Everywhere

I was recently traveling and was lucky enough to stay in a beautiful hotel. Most of you know that I travel with my half-dome, I don’t leave home without it or i regret it! (Here, I was traveling with my 1/4 dome! Half of a half dome for easy travel!)

There I was in my tiny luxurious room and I look down at the floor! Check out that carpet! It was perfect for my daily stretching. I could line up my feet and proceed!

Remember, calf stretching many times a day, well, can probably help to keep the Dr. away at some level. But seriously. As I prepare my stance with my feet in their 11 (the outside edges of feet are parallel) I feel so grounded. As I step one foot on the 1/2 dome I remember to keep all the weight in my heels and continue to feel the whole back side of my body lengthening into the floor. I like to think of this as more like a hamstring lengthener, ankle opener!

So where are some cool places you’ve done your calf stretches?

calf stretch carpetHotel striped carpet

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