Pelvic Listing vs Hip Dropping

I recently wrote a post for my tango site, about hip dropping in tango and why it is not a great idea. Well, it’s not a great idea to drop our hips in walking or standing regardless of tango dancing or not. So better than hip dropping let us look at Pelvic Listing. Pelvic Listing is a great exercise for developing lateral hip stability. What does that mean? It means that “over-used knees and under-used hips typically go together”. It means more support to your pelvis for walking, standing, and everything else you do. When we walk we need the leg to swing through to the next step and how we swing that leg through is determined by how much you are using the muscles of the lateral hips of the non-swinging leg.

Most of us tend to fall when we walk because we don’t have proper hip strength or hamstring length to propel ourselves through space. This isPelvic Listing on Floor part of a much longer blog on walking which you can also find on Katy Bowman’s blog. In the meantime, start Pelvic Listing by standing with both feet pelvic width apart, their outside edges lined up parallel to a straight line. Putting the weight in your heels, push the standing leg into the floor until the free leg clears the floor. Here’s a picture of me Pelvic Listing. You can always make things more challenging by standing on a phone book (if you have one lying around! or an anatomy textbook! or yoga block).

and see the video below of Katy performing the exercise from her DVD collection.

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Podcast Regarding Male Pelvic Pain

We often hear about pelvic problems for women and it’s not very mainstream to hear about men’s disorders, except for maybe their prostrate.

This podcast comes from colleagues, Susan McLaughlin at Align for Health interviewing Restorative Exercise colleague, David McCoid of  Freedom From Pelvic Pain talking about David’s journey to becoming pelvic-pain FREE!

As I always say, the body is such a smart tool, we just need to learn how to listen to its’ messages.

In David McCoid’s interview he found the use of Restorative Exercise (TM) to alleviate his pelvic pain.

At about the 27 minute mark he says:
“My pelvic floor relaxed when I got my glutes and hams to work properly – PFD (pelvic floor disorder) is not a relaxation problem it’s a proper muscle activation problem, the pelvic floor is tight because the other muscles aren’t doing their job”.
When you get people’s tight hamstrings, glutes, feet working properly than the pelvic floor does too.

It is so wonderful to hear another success story. David works in the UK. Hear the interview below.

Align for Health Podcast with David McCoid

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Whole Body Days

From one of my new favorite Facebook Friends, Stop Chasing Pain by Dr. Perry Nickelston. He is right on with so many of his ideas. And so many of them I learned in my dance trainings through the years! Funny how now some of the exercises or movement suggestions are gaining popularity when they were part of my every day warmup as a modern dancer!

So a few weeks ago, Perry posted a quote from his interview with a Parkour expert, Dan Edwards. What’s Parkour? It’s described as a sport done in a city where there are plenty of obstacles to surmount! Jumping, leaping, rolling, climbing, clinging, you name it – you see it with parkour!

You need to stop exercising. And you need to start moving instead. Repetitive training paradigms or environments breed mindlessness, overuse injury, and limited capability. Vary your training routine, your movement patterns and explore your environments as much as possible. Grunting and powering through endless reps of isolated, useless exercises may build your muscles and burn fat but they won’t make you the true mover you’re meant to be. Mix it up, play, explore, when one movement challenge tires you out start working on a different one to let your body recover. There are no ‘leg days’ or ‘arm days’, there are only whole-body days. Let everything get stronger and more mobile in balance with everything else. -Dan Edwards

AMEN Dan Edwards!
Thanks Dr. Nickelston for posting!So what are you going to do today that incorporates your whole body?

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