SI Pain

“Sacroiliac pain comes from unbalanced muscular force between the glutes and the pelvic floor, and the resulting pelvic floor hypertension on the sacrum.” – Katy Bowman, Alignment Matters (page 144)

Sacroiliac pain can be so painful and often debilitating. You can’t walk for any length of time and standing too can be painful. There might be mild to severe pain: aching, burning, tingling along the sciatic nerve, can be in the buttock area and travels down the back of the leg and lower leg to the foot.

The Sacroiliac is a combination of 2 words, 2 locations in the body: the sacrum and the ilia.The pain comes from compression of tissue against the sciatic nerve.

I am reposting my colleague Susan McLaughlin’s blog on how to relieve and Get Rid of Sciatica. It really does work.

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