The work I do would be hard to define as purely restorative exercise as I am heavily influenced by all my collective understandings of the body and movement. However, Restorative Exercise as taught by Nutritious Movement ™ seemed to be the missing link to my body puzzle and to working with other bodies, both in group sessions and individually.

The Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES-CPT) Certification is a 6 month plus, Whole Body Alignment course, with 40 hours face-to-face time with founder and biomechanist, Katy Bowman.

It’s about re-patterning! It’s about alignment!
Habitual movements or even stillness (think couch potato), create patterns in the body that are usually unhealthy. But more movement doesn’t always mean “more health”. However, the good news is, we can create new patterns of movement; re-educating and re-patterning new movement habits into our bodies for improved health and well-being.

Based on an alignment model developed by a biomechanical scientist, founded on the laws of physics, geometry, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, we can relieve pain and return the body to its natural functions by restoring its anatomical alignment. Through practice of a range of stretches and corrective measures we improve mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular health, increase body awareness, and invest in your body’s future function.

Think of it as Lifestyle Alignment Coaching – we add some alignment tools into your lifestyle for your overall health and well-being.

In a few sessions you are introduced to this paradigm and are given exercises to begin your journey to optimal health and wellness.

We will:

Improve muscle tone and strength
Improve circulation and cardiovascular health
Improve density of bone and bone health
Improve joint mobility
Improve pelvic floor function
Decrease inflammation and pain

Classes and individual sessions now in Berlin.
And on Skype!

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